Happy Halloween monster people! I wanted to give you a quick update about a monster historian’s life this Halloween before you head out trick or treating.

My new book, Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror, has found a wonderful home. Soft Skull Press, a division of the highly regarded literary press Counterpoint, has picked it up for their Fall catalog. Soft Skull is an incredibly culturally savvy press and I think its going to be a perfect fit for this history of gender and horror centered on America’s first horror host from the 1950s.  I hope many of you will be reading Vampira this time next year.

I have also completed an essay for the upcoming volume Age of Lovecraft edited by Jeffrey Weinstock that will feature an introduction by Ramsey Campbell and a contribution from China Miéville. My essay focuses on Lovecraft’s obsession with the idea of a historical “witch cult” and what his bizarre misreading of history and personal racism says to us about contemporary efforts to create a “philosophy of Lovecraft.” I’m especially critical of some of the speculative realists on this matter. I’ll keep you posted on when that volume will appear in print.

Meanwhile be sure to check out my essay and all the other contributions in the excellent volume Joss Whedon and Religion edited by Anthony R. Mills, John W. Morehead, J. Ryan Parker and K. Dale Koontz. Its out now in print and on Kindle.

You can also check out my new piece in HuffPo, out this week, “Season of the Witch.” You’ll find my thoughts on this season of American Horror Story and why we need the witch so much right now.  There’s a non-monster piece for you Orwell people in Jacobin as well.

I’m teaching a section of my “Monsters in America” class this semester and very much enjoying it and my students. I know of at least four classes out there using the book Monsters in America this semester…I’m skyping into two of them. Please let me know if you’d like a virtual visit to your class. I am certain we can arrange it. I’d also just like to know if you are using the book and how it’s going…so send me an email at poolews@cofc.edu.

That’s all for now…I hope you get whole bags of candy and overdose on horror movies this Halloween season.

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