You may have noticed that the Monsters in America blog has not been updated this summer with great regularity, so I wanted to catch you up on what’s happening and what to expect.

First of all, its summer…. so there’s that. Moreover, as I noted in a previous post, I’ve actually taught a lot this summer…two sections of my Devil in the Western World class and one very quick Maymester of my class that deals with horror narratives in American history.

The other answer is that two other categories of writing have consumed my typing energies. I’ve been writing a lot for various online magazines and this has absorbed any time that I would have put into the blog.  Recently I’ve written for HuffPo about both The Conjuring and my experience teaching Rosemary’s Baby. If you go here, you’ll see a short piece on how the coming zombie war is really a coming class war.

There is also new book in works, something of a follow-up to Monsters in America, that explores the life of Maila Nurmi (better known as Vampira, America’s first horror host) against the backdrop of midcentury Hollywood, the birth of television and changing ideas about gender. I’ve completed about two-thirds of the manuscript and hope it will find a home soon. I’ll keep you posted.

That said, I do plan to update the blog a bit more often in the Fall, though likely with shorter posts since my essays are mostly going other places these days.  I do have one long form piece that might be best suited for the blog but I haven’t made a decision about it yet. It’s on a topic that will be highly controversial for the small number of people invested in it…but matter not at all to most readers.

Be on the lookout here and on the Facebook page for more of my articles and other Monster-related matters.

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