Writing a book called Monsters in America takes you to strange places. Some maybe not too strange…indie bookstores and lecture hall and such. But also horror film festivals. And live on the air with Chicago shock jocks playing the theme from John Carpenter’s Halloween and calling you “Monster Man” over and over.

But one of my stranger experiences had to be my time on “Coast to Coast.” Its a…ok, I don’t even know where to begin. The hosts are anything but skeptics and they tend to dish the paranormal. Aliens. Shadow people. Black Helicopters. X-files stuff.

I was on for three hours, in the middle of the night because they are out of the west coast. Anyway, this is what happened or part of what happened.

I’ve never received stranger hate mail in my life. My favorite: “I don’t care what you say there are werewolves you need to read more I know what I saw.”

I hope my correspondent is right.

Here is the link:


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