SLENDER MAN: A student film by Jacob Graudin

I’m currently teaching my “Monsters in America” course that explores the history of horror narratives in American culture. Part for the requirements for the class involve putting together a project on public horror…a film or PPT that examines a a manifestation of horror in story, historical site, film response, art or public performance. I had an number of wonderful projects that examined everything from a zombie walk to a haunted house to “legend tripping” to local “haunted historical sites.”

I was especially impressed with my student Jacob Graudin’s project on Slender Man. If you are not familair with this monster born from the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) of the web, Graudin is about to show you the ¬†face of digital fear. Enjoy this amazing project…and try not think about what’s behind you in the dark…

Scared now? Here’s a brief bio that I asked Graudin to put together about his interest in horror, film and the Slender Man

Major: English, concentration in Creative Writing

Favorite films: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Thin Red Line, Blade Runner, Spirited Away, Magnolia, Pan’s Labyrinth.

Favorite Horror films: John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Strangers, Nosferatu, The Cabin in the Woods.

Interest in film-making: Started in early adolescence, but has remained unrealized in any major form until recently. I am currently in the conceptual stages of writing a script about a group of vampire hunters (so original).

Slenderman: I was surfing the website KnowYourMeme back in September/October of 2009 when I stumbled across Slenderman, which was a fairly young web legend at the time, yet had nonetheless expanded into the Marble Hornets Youtube videos at the time. At the time a novice in the realm of horror (excluding my high school love of Stephen King), I was quickly sucked in and became morbidly fascinated with the faceless one. Since then, my enjoyment of Slenderman and respect for the myth-making power of the internet have only increased.



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