Monsters in America gets Monstrous Awards

Monsters in America has received two important honors over the last few months.

In March, Monsters won the Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association’s John G. Cawelti award. Cawelti was a pioneer in the academic study of popular culture, publishing serious scholarly studies on genre literature (especially detective and western tales).  The Cawelti Award honors the best book published in a single year that serves as a primer for pop culture knowledge.

The honor was presented at the annual  PCA/ACA meeting in Boston (where George Takei was the keynote speaker!)

Recently, Monsters in America received the honor of being named one of the “Best of the Best,” a short list of books chosen by the American Association of University Presses as the finest examples of books published by university presses in a single year. Monsters in America will be presented  along with fifteen other books on the “Best of the Best” list at the American Library Association meeting in Anaheim June 21st.

Monsters may hide under your bed, but they also get awards.

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