The Monsters are in America: Book Release Week

It’s finally here or, should I say, they are.

Monsters in America is out this weekend. I’ll be out more and more talking about it. Hope you’ve already had chance to catch some podcasts, radio shows or print interviews/reviews. There are more on the way.

Books have an eerie life of their own. As a reader, I feel a strange relationship with the books that have been most important to me. Sitting there on the desk, the shelf or the bedstead, you almost feel like they are chanting, gibbering, snickering or just humming with life. Imagining these things that have such power, sitting alone, still holding the beautiful and terrifying things they hold….

It’s a little unsettling, especially when you like to keep as many books around as I do.

Authors have an even stranger relationship with their own work.  If the books are sitting there silently speaking, they are speaking in your own voice. Aren’t they?

You would think that this would be a comforting feeling, the voice of ones oldest friend. But who is really their oldest friend? If you’ve read much Poe, you know the frightening power of the doppelganger.

And, once it’s out in the world, it’s not just your voice anymore. The book changes as readers read it and respond to it. Reviews create a discourse around it. Authors do interviews where, if they are like me, they talk about aspects of the book that, suddenly, they realize they wish they had emphasized more in the actual writing.

You understand your own book better. You realize that other people may understand it more than you do.

It’s all very weird.

In any case, now that its out, there are some things you could do for me. Like, for example, join our Facebook page. We’ll be using that to post extra content, including the “Armchair Horror” feature I’m starting on Saturday. Every day leading up to Halloween, a mini-mini blog on a great horror flick you can watch through Netflix streaming.

Also, would you consider sharing the website, or other links to the book on your Facebook page or on Twitter? Huge help, obviously.

And then, you know, buy the book. How exactly?

Scott @ SIBA

Scott's monster presentation at SIBA

My preference would be for you to come out to some of the fun indie bookstore events I’ll be doing over the next few weeks. Please check the schedule and come see me in Chicago, Greenville-Spartanburg, Atlanta, Augusta and Charleston. Doing a few events in the Boston area in mid-November. We are looking into the feasibility of a DC Metro-Philly leg of the tour. Next year I will see you in Asheville and at a Book Festival in Orlando and hopefully other places to.

You can, of course, also grab the book on-line from our favorite bookseller. They are all carrying it and you can find their portals here on the site.

And then read it. And talk about it. And talk to me about it. You can e-mail me through the site or follow me on twitter. I’d love to hear your thoughts and watch the voice of my own book change.

I’ll be updating you from the road on how things are going. Chicago next week, regional tour the following….

What I’m reading: Spending some more quality time with Stephen Asma’s On Monsters as we get ready for our public conversation at 57th Street Books next week.

What I’m Watching: I’ve finally caught up with the rest of the world and Breaking Bad now that it is streaming. I’m hoping to get some fellow horror nerds out to see the The Thing remake in Chicago next week and talk about how John Carpenter did it better. And cant wait for the movie marathon I’ll get to see as a guest of Twitch magazine at Terror in the Aisles.

What I’m Listening to: Blind Blake, I love you.

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