Poole’s guest blog on U.S. Religion

Scott Poole is today’s featured guest writer on the blog U.S. Religion, a group blog on American religious history and culture, for his post, “Five Scary Things Religious Studies Should Be Researching.” The first thing that should be making its way into religious studies research? Not surprisingly, zombies.

Here’s why, Poole says:

Zombies: Ok, maybe this is a monster whose time has crested and, more importantly, maybe Kelly J. Baker has the zombie apocalypse under control with her new work on the relationship between apocalyptic ideas and zombie-mania. At the same time, there are so many religious narratives about the end of the world, purity/corruption and resurrection embedded in the zombie story that we need to engage this one from a lot of angles.

By the way, I’m a big fan of religious studies scholar, and fellow Baylor author, Kim Paffenroth’s Gospel of the Living Dead. Great with students and not a bad place to begin with your reading on zombies and religious studies.

He continues by expounding on the significance of …. We’ll let you see for yourself. Visit the U.S. Religion blog by clicking here.

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