Beliefnet: Our Monsters, Ourselves – A Great Halloween Read

Jana Riess, author of the blog Flunking Sainthood, writes an exciting and spirited review in which she takes Scott’s own words seriously: Monsters in America is “a wild ride through the darkness of the American past, galloping hard and fast like Ichabod Crane . . . in hopes we can reach the bridge in time.”

In her own words, Riess writes,

The story of monsters, Poole rightly observes, is actually the “underground history of the United States . . . . American monsters are born out of American history.” Monsters reveal what simultaneously enthralls and repels us, whether it’s leviathanesque sea monsters off the shores of 17th-century New England or Stephenie Meyer’s puritanical, defanged Edward Cullen addressing contemporary America’s split-personality longing for a supersexy Ozzie-and-Harriet family.

You can read the full review online by clicking here and be sure to enter this week’s Monster Trivia Giveaway for a chance to win your very own copy of Monsters in America just in time for Halloween.

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